Casino Queen Budva bases its organization of games and gambling as well at the principles of socially responsible business. The main target and objectives of our mission is to our visitors have fun and good time as the basic and only reason why they comming and stay in casino. From this point of view, the management of Queen Casino has developed a strategy of responsible gaming and responsible serving of alcohol, which has become part of the overall image and business of our company.

Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Casino Queen.

In connection with the generally accepted code of conduct and social responsibility at Casino Queen, we are guided by the idea and mission that gambling should be experienced and realized exclusively as a form of entertainment and pastime.



The business strategy and mission of Casino Queen clearly set out the goals, codes and guidelines for action, which primarily relate to an ethical and transparent approach to its activities. This approach refers to social responsibility as a part of organizing games and gambling in a casino.


In addition to complying with the law and adopting various guidelines by regulators and institutions, Casino Queen has an active approach in promoting responsible gaming when it comes to gambling, thus serving the interests of the public and vulnerable individuals.


Marketing activities and advertising

Casino Queen has a code according to marketing activities, communication, promotion and messages are sent and conducted in a socially responsible manner.

Messages in marketing communication are created with the attention and approach of socially responsible behavior, and:

  • They do not target vulnerable categories of players and visitors

  • They do not encourage addictive behavior

  • Use generally accepted ethical standards in communication

  • Do not include dishonest statements regarding chances of winning

  • Not targeted at age categories under 18 years


Rules of conduct and dress




Only people under 18 are allowed to enter the casino! Mandatory registration with a valid document with a photo for inspection (ID card / passport, for foreign citizens – passport).

Admission to the casino is free.


Dressing code


Men are not allowed to enter the casino if they wear shorts, shorts, bermuda shorts, sleeveless shirts, tracksuits, sandals with open toes.


Also, the rules of conduct do not allow the wearing of sherry, hats, helmets, sunglasses, masks, various veils or any other clothing items that hide facial features. At the entrance to the casino, guests are allowed to use the cloakroom.


Rewarding guests


Casino Queen rewards all its guests with a loyalty program. This right can be acquired by all guests who play live games or on slot machines.